ConneX Re-deployable CCTV systems

ConneX Redeployable CCTV systems offer a range of innovative solutions to problems faced by organisations needing to manage crime, anti-social behaviour or deploying CCTV solutions in remote or difficult locations.

Rapid Deployment

When CCTV is needed at a site without any existing infrastructure, Connex Redeployable systems simplify deployment by easily mounting to a wall, a corner, or an existing pole such as a street lamp. As a self-contained unit requiring just a mounting surface and a single power feed, installation is greatly simplified and any need for time consuming and expensive civil works eliminated.

With integrated Wireless Point-to-Point or Point-to-Multipoint support, Connex Redeployable systems can quickly and cost effectively be connected back to an existing control room NVR.

Re-deployAble CCTV

Often when CCTV is installed at a location experiencing crime or anti-social behaviour, within a short period of time the problem simply moves elsewhere. Redeployable systems help to manage this as they can very cost effectively be re-located.

Standalone CCTV

For locations out of range for wireless connectivity, Connex Redeployable systems can be fitted with an internal NVR platform complete with 500GB of storage. In addition Connex Redeployable systems offer a 3G/4G option whereby real-time footage can be streamed over 3G/4G at lower resolutions to any device, whilst simultaneously recording HD footage internally. Optional Wi-Fi hotspot support is also available so that the NVR can easily be accessed from the ground.

Connex Redeployable systems support up to 3 x HD fixed cameras offering near 360 degree coverage of a site. With onboard internal storage capabilities, this means that Connex Redeployable systems can provide effective and highly cost effective unmanned standalone CCTV solutions.


  • Support for a wide a range of IP & analogue cameras
  • Wireless Point-to-Point & Point-to-Multipoint support
  • Up to 3 x HD Camera for near 360 degree continuous recording
  • Internal NVR option
  • 3G Streaming
  • Wi-Fi hotspot support
  • IP 66 rating
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