Wireless and IP CCTV

Conventional analogue CCTV solutions use expensive fibre to connect CCTV cameras to the control center and bulky infrastructure is required at the control centre to manage displays and telemetry. Advances in Wireless Point to Point and Multipoint solutions mean that wireless connections now offer a far more cost effective and flexible solution for connecting both analogue and IP CCTV cameras.

A CCTV Revolution is underway

IP cameras are decreasing in price and their HD resolutions provide greater coverage and greater detail. It's only a matter of time before CCTV solutions are completely IP based so its crucial for security integrators to have the knowledge and skills to offer their customers wireless and IP camera solutions.

Connexion work with security integrators that either don't have wireless or IP CCTV skills in house or security integrators who have the skills but that want to work with a knowledgeable partner that can provide support and value added services.

Security Integrators new to wireless

For security integrators new to wireless CCTV we provide a comprehensive service designed to quickly introduce the necessary capabilities to sell and support solutions including sales & product training, free site surveys and consulting and technical and after sales support.

Security integrators experienced with wireless

For more experienced security integrators already supplying and supporting wireless CCTV solutions we offer a range of value added services including free site surveys, device pre-staging, onsite commission and monitoring solutions.


Wireless networking

With increases in performance and decreases in cost wireless point-to-point connections provide a highly effective solution for provisioning data connectivity between sites. Today’s wireless solutions can circumvent line of sight obstructions and can be installed for less than the annual cost of an Internet lease line.

Our wireless solutions range from low cost solutions for providing connectivity between sites at up to 500 meters through high speed solutions utilising licensed wireless spectrum and providing high speed connectivity at distances in excess of 15KM

For businesses wanting to provision connectivity between sites in reasonably close proximity, wireless point to point can offer the highest performance and lowest cost solution. Contact us for a survey today.


Network integration

Increasingly IP Cameras are being commissioned onto existing local area and wide area networks. Due to the relatively high bandwidth requirements of HD and motion video this can often put a strain on the network resulting in interference and performance issues with other network services.

Connexion offer network consultancy and configuration services to ensure the successful performance of CCTV solutions onto local and wide area networks. Our experienced consultants and engineers can help with any networking requirements including layer 3 network switching, bandwidth management and data security.



Redepolyable Cameras

Our range of Redeployable solutions offer CCTV systems that can be cost effectively deployed and re-deployed.

All of our re-deployable solutions provide a casing designed to support a comprehensive range of cameras and encoders and wireless radios enabling a CCTV Camera to be quickly and easily deployed.

Re-deployable solutions can either be connected to an existing CCTV NVR over a wireless link or they can be deployed with a fully integrated NVR platform using Verint's Nextiva software and include options for 3G streaming and Wireless for retrieving footage.

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